Chiropractic Care is an excellent way to keep your body functioning optimally! By restoring motion to your joints, your body can then take on the things you need to do more easily and happily.  Think of how much better you will feel mentally when your body is feeling great!  Think of how much better your body could handle a fall if you weren’t inflamed to begin with!  My goal is to get all my patients to a place where they are coming in just to maintain the awesome health they are in.

Doula work works beautifully with Chiropractic.  A majority of my patients are pregnancy and pediatric populations.  While your body is rapidly changing, we can support these changes by making minor adjustments to the ligaments and joints to make you more comfortable.  With birth, position is everything!! By checking in with your Chiropractor, you are making sure you are in an optimal position to give your baby the room to move around to where he/she needs to be!